Let Motivive Help You Improve Feedback Culture

Giving feedback to someone from another culture, position or generation can be tough. At the same time, this process is essential and extremely useful. It is more than important when it comes to performance evaluation, learning and collaboration. Good feedback culture can also be key to maintain motivation and engagement. So basically, it is inevitable to find the best way to give the right feedback. A gamification tool is an enormous help and Motivive is glad to be at your service in this.

internal message system

Let’s see how Motivive helps in shaping and developing feedback culture at an organization. Through our software, users can get feedback from other colleagues in four ways. First, we can talk about the internal message platform. It works the same way as sending an email. Basically, this way players can write any kind of feedback. Moreover, it is visible only to whom they send it. Besides that, a forum appears on the dashboard. Here users can react to different kind of texts and pictures that others posted. They only need to click on a ‘like’ symbol. These previously mentioned ways are rather informal and are not necessarily linked to individual performance.

Monitor of a computer, showing positive feedback. Good job!

Giving direct feedback

When users visit someone’s profile, sending personalized feedback becomes possible. Everyone can set their praises to be publicly visible or private as well. What is more, every user can send endorsements depending on how much they agree with others regarding their skills. It is important to handle these feedbacks with the utmost care and sincerity. It is always accessible for fellow colleagues, to whom the users sent it. Above all, users can also collect points by giving and receiving feedbacks. To do so, Motivive encourages its users through challenges and rewards. The software can give you feedback as well, after achieving learning goals for instance. Furthermore, it’s easy for players to keep track of their own and other’s points on the leaderboard. They can also see their own development on the progress bar. By this, Motivive creates a healthy competition.

Gamification focuses on giving real-time feedback which otherwise might not be available. Whenever we are rewarded for a specific action no matter whether it comes from the software, one of our colleagues or from our boss, dopamine (feel-good hormone) is released. However, even if the feedback is not quite what we expected it is better to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses and learn from it, as it is more profitable in the long run. Instantaneously giving feedback is beneficial when it comes to career development. Furthermore, it becomes more comfortable by using a gamified software, like Motivive, as it keeps the channels of communication open.

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