Our Story – The Beginnings of Centaer Consulting and Motivive

Centaer Consulting is a hundred percent Hungarian owned company. Tímea Szabó and Tamás Gáll founded it in 2015. Tamás Gáll tells us about the story of the company, the birth of their idea and the most important milestones. These all have contributed to the creation of the new brand: Motivive.

The establishment of Centaer Consulting

Tímea and Tamás decided to establish the company with eighteen years of experience in corporate environment behind their backs. They worked primarily in sales, customer service, business development and various management positions. Namely, Tamás as an engineer and Tímea as an economist. According to their original vision, they mainly want to provide high-level expert services. For instance, business and management consulting and training. All of this in the field of customer relations. In addition, they consider it very important to take works only on fields where they or their experts have worked before. This way they ensure to have real knowledge about the business area. As Tamás said, it is essential for credibility. 


The triple model

Centaer Consulting uses the well-known triple model. With the help of the model they identify fields and problems they can develop. In brief, the model contains the business processes, the technology and software applications that support them, and the human factor itself. During their works, Tamás and Tímea noticed that a lot of innovation and modernization have occurred. Mainly, in the field of business processes and technology. However, the human factor seemed to be neglected, with no striking changes. Tímea and Tamás were very interested in how to improve corporate performance by simply motivating people and getting them more involved in company processes. One year after founding the company, they decided that it will be their main purpose.

The creation of the software

First of all, the founders imagined the development process by focusing on employees. Namely, their everyday experiences at work and how they achieve the desired performance. Second of all, they wanted to design a software that can help improve company performance by improving human performance. They started using their software after the designing process. After that, it grew more and more complex with many new functions and became applicable in several new areas. First, they used it in the field of sales, corporate communication and knowledge management. In the meantime, the circle of its usage has expanded. Today, it is an excellent tool for performance evaluation, customer satisfaction improvement, leader development, change and feedback management and culture change as well.  


Design Terminal

In 2018 the idea of bringing the software and their knowledge abroad was born, given that their innovation is significant in the international market as well. They joined Design Terminal’s mentoring program in order to get more ideas for their planning process. It is a very important milestone in the history of the company. On the one hand, a rebranding procedure occurred. On the other hand, they managed to set up the expectations and requirements of the new software version. The original name of the product was KingAER. Here, the AER ending referred to Assisted Engagement Revolution. By this name, they wanted to express that companies can improve employee satisfaction and engagement with the help of the product. However, for different reasons a new name was necessary for the international market. This is when they created Motivive brand. With the promise of an increase in employee motivation.  

The result of Centaer Consulting's rebranding process: the Motivive logo

In brief, the establishment of Motivive brand is the result of a long process. Above all, the software currently in use includes all the knowledge that Tímea and Tamás have brought. The knowledge from their corporate past and the foregoing activity of Centaer Consulting. Furthermore, learning from the mistakes and problems they have experienced during their careers, they have developed a product that provides an excellent and innovative solution for both companies and employees.  

If you’re interested in learning more about our product, Motivive, contact us here.


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