Microlearning – A Method for Making Learning Effective

„Knowledge is power.” There is no doubt that every organization has to care about the knowledge they own in their company.  In additioncompanies have to make sure that they transfer knowledge from one person to the other. Learning processes are quite long and take different amount of time to learn for every individual. Landing the knowledge requires even more effort. However, with our interactive solution and the method of microlearning you can get rid of the time-consuming knowledge-transfer meetings. You can motivate your team to learn on an enjoyable platform.  

Knowledge transfer

A company needs to share many types of skills. Motivive is suitable for both soft and hard skill transfer, so you can develop your team’s skills, like communication. You can also provide them technical knowledge about their profession. It is a difficult question for many companies how to hand corporate values over from the leaders to the employees. Describing them with details can support understanding and the acquirement of these values. It also gives purpose to the employees.  

Landing knowledge

It is very important how beneficial a skill is for employees. Landing the knowledge in the long term demands special techniques. Our platform uses microlearning method. It means that the education material is divided into numerous little pieces and employees get brief and targeted learning units . The heart of the method is the frequent repetition of brief information. It is popular because it takes very little time to acquire the training material and it is much more effective in remembering what we learned. In addition, the curriculum can be easily set up and updated.   

the platform of microlearning challenges in Motivive system

With the help of bite-sized learning method, Motivive is suitable for knowledge transfer as well. This way, instead of sitting through trainings sessions, employees can simply complete lessons through their devices, even in their spare time. The process is similar to the employees’ outside of workplace actions, as people are generally curious. That’s why, if there is an interesting topic, we love to search videos or go through questionnaires to get more information. 

Get the story started

How does it work? You share with us what your company needs to learn, and we can build it in Motivive’s gamified system. For instance, if you have a long regulation for how to behave with a costumer, we can hand it over to your employees with microlearning method. They can watch videos, go through situation quests and fill out questionnaires embedded in a narrative frameworkThey can also practise their knowledge through challenges. What is more, our social features make it possible to share best practises with other players as wellWith the help of situation quests, we can place people in a realistic situation. After this practise, if they meet similar conditions in real life, they can react fast and appropriate. 

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