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Logging in to Motivive’s gamified system, the first page players will meet is the dashboard. On this platform they will find the newsfeed, some charts showing team and individual points, and collectible elements related to the narrative. Depending on the client’s needs, we can display team or individual scores, customize charts for each team or even create separate dashboard for leaders and employees. 

Screenshot of Motivive's dashboard, with charts and statistics of individual points

Designing the dashboard

Selecting and assembling the gamification elements on the dashboard requires extensive background work. Therefore, when starting any projects, Motivive experts first assess what customers wish to achieve. In other words, they identify which areas need to be developed and who the target audience of the software is. In addition, it is important to understand the operation, processes and tools of the area. As well as the motivation and goals of the employees. When compiling the dashboard, we take into consideration the different types of players. Then, we define which gamification elements could motivate them. When designing Motivive system, we plan with player types and define them according to the guidelines of Hexad model.  


The newsfeed, located on the dashboard, favours users belonging to the social player type. They are primarily motivated by establishing and maintaining social relationships in a gamified system. We organize the newsfeed by offering topics to discuss for the employees. This way we encourage them to share their workplace success stories, experiences and memorable moments. It helps to create the sense of being part of a community. It also gives further motivation to employees through their social interactions.  

Further elements of the dashboard

On the dashboard, you can also find various charts and diagrams of point averages. These show individual and group performance on gamified challenges. Here, players can track how they are performing on the challenges. Moreover, they can see what they have not yet solved. As well as, where they have to encourage their team members to improve group performance. We illustrate scores with colourful charts to ensure transparency and easy interpretation. On the same page, players can view the likes they received from each other. They can receive likes for sharing their thoughts, comments and photos on the newsfeed. We also create social challenges for likes. This way employees can earn points and get involved with community interactions.  

Last but not least, narrative elements that players can collect usually take place on the dashboard as well. These we completely customize according to the goals of customers and the needs of employees. For this reason, the type of collectible elements is very diverse in different narratives. Players can receive these elements by completing challenges. With the help of these elements, they can build something within the narrative framework. It can be a festival, a water city or a character with different tools and equipment. The narrative repository is endless and is adapted to our previous assessment of customer goals and needs.  

If you’re interested in learning more about our product, Motivive, contact us here.

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