Customizable Experience – Create Your Own Gamified Platform

One of the recognizances of Motivive system is that it never offers exactly the same gamified interface to its customers. How is that possible? Having customizable elements is a primary consideration when it comes to our software. It is important that we create a platform for each client individually. That is why every order is preceded by a thorough and diverse assessment of the client’s goals an needs. 

Customizable narrative framework

Each company faces different goals, employees and difficulties. Consequently, not every organization can have the same narrative when it comes to creating their own framework. What is more, needs often change within the company on the go. New issues to be solved, goals to be achieved or employees to be trained. Development needs come up from time to time, and our gamification software has to adapt continuously to them. It is also worth paying special attention to white- and blue-collar workers. They have diverse careers and experiences, and represent very different parts of the labor market. Thus, the gamified interface used by a manual or intellectual worker to perform their work, must be quite customized. Motivive has already come up with many different narratives that perfectly fit the needs of customers. Such as the narrative framework of Martians, the Adventure Hero, Aquaworld or Festival theme.  

Screenshot of the customizable Festival theme in Motivive system


 customizable Visual elements

Is only the story adaptive when it comes to a gamified software? No! Almost every visual element is customizable according to the client’s preference. Such as colours, shapes, badges, or even the progress bar and the leaderboard. The last two visual elements show individual and team points and progress. Because user-centricity characterizes our program, the opinions of not only the organization but also the employees who use the software are the priority. Therefore, the challenges, questionnaires, videos, but also the way of giving feedback are adjustable according to the occurent needs. The flexibility of our software, comes from creating an IT concept that is easy to integrate into different organizational cultures. This way we can keep the given business logic in mind, so clients don’t need to use other programs to implement Motivive system. 

Customizability is, therefore, a primary consideration for Motivive when designing different gamified surfaces. For that, we can make quickly and flexibly changes and improvements with only little amount of time and energy invested. All of this allows us to give our users a 100% unique experience. As well as, we help employees of every organization to have a different but equally enjoyable adventure with Motivive. 

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