Narrative Framework – Live The Story You Want To Tell

The most interesting education systems and games are embedded in some kind of narrative framework. This way they give players the opportunity to build up an inner world with the help of their own imagination.

Transfering reality to a gamified system

When designing Motivive, we strive to transfer real work to a gamified system. It is mandatory in order to employees can perform their daily tasks in a more interesting and colourful environment. However, we have to note that the primary purpose of classic video games is to link users to the screen. Consequently, they make players spend as much time playing the game as possible. In contrast, Motivive is designed for workplace environments. Its key mission is to increase employee performance, and by this corporate performance as well. So “players” themselves are employees. Therefore, during the “game” they’re actually fulfilling their daily responsibilities at work. Compared to traditional working processes, using Motivive can make employees to do their tasks with much greater motivation and engagement.  

Open book with a live narrative framework coming out of it


Purpose of the narrative framework

Storyline is an important element of gamification methodology from several aspects. Firstly, because it maintains the engagement of employees. As they travel through the challenges in a narrative framework, they will be more likely to return to their challenges. This is the only way to find out the continuation of the story. It happens by a similar mechanism to becoming a fan of an exciting book or a TV show. Secondly, storytelling gives an extra source of meaning, so we can also bring positive emotions into the process. This gives the chance to employees to feel energized and enthusiastic while doing their daily duties.

Out of the box thinking

Narrative framework and challenges, properly complied, encourage an out-of-the-box kind of approach. In other words, they help users to find more effective solutions for the same tasks. The inventory or collectible elements are also part of the narrative framework. These elements, players can receive by completing challenges. They can be used to build up a world or character that is related to the storyline. For instance, a festival or a water city. In addition, the structure and sequence of challenges are also part of the narrative framework. As the players progress with the challenges, they get to know more and more of the storyline. All in all, narrative framework is what keeps the whole gamified system together, including players, challenges and the rewarding process.  

At the same time, a properly chosen narrative framework is very important. Therefore, our experts at Motivive always do comprehensive research, observation and interview series at companies. After that, they suggest a personalized storyline, that fits the goals and needs of the clients.

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