Sharing Your Experience Is the Best Kind of Teacher

Players in Motivive system can share their experience on the newsfeed. By this, they create a cheerful atmosphere and good community at work. The day-to-day employee interactions can also function as a form of team building. In other words, they allow employees to connect colleagues from the same and different business areas as well. Two men talking to each other about business topics, sharing their experience with each other

The working mechanism of newsfeeds

One of the best ways to illustrate how newsfeeds work is by looking at different social media platforms. These feeds would not work without their users. They bring all the values and content into the system, which the administrators only control from outside. Consequently, users take out the benefits of the system through their own social network. The appearance of newsfeed has shifted online communication towards an engagement-driven user experience.

The world of emails

If we look back a few decades ago, we can see mostly transactional forms of communication. For instance, the world of emails and text messages was very popular. The main purpose of these is to connect with our closest friends and colleagues. They are people who we have already known for a while. In contrast, newsfeed shows global information sharing. Consequently, we also come across content that may not have been shared by our closest friends. This allows us to gather information about people from different circles. As well as to build a community and broaden our circle of acquaintances. 

The newsfeed in Motivive system

In Motivive system the newsfeed takes place on the dashboard. Our game master coordinates it according to a specific topic. From time to time we update the topic designation. Therefore, we encourage employees to share their experience, success, and work-related thoughts. About 30-40% of the feed builds up from informal and community-related entertaining images, texts and comments. The other 60-70% includes professional, or work- and business-related experience.

Player interactions

Players can comment on and like each other’s posts. However, this content can also be removed from the newsfeed. Users can also share their individual and group performance charts on the newsfeed. They can post their progress bar as well, which appears on the top of the page. This way players get the chance to make their achievements and successes public and receive feedback on their performance. We also design social challenges for the newsfeed content, such as like hunts. It helps us launch the site, which, according to our previous experience, will promote itself further and will become a great success among players. 

In brief, the newsfeed is an integral part of Motivive’s gamification dynamics, as it brings work teams together by community-building challenges and content. It also gives the opportunity to direct colleagues to build their relationship, and the chance to co-workers from different business areas to get to know each other better and make their everyday cooperation more productive as a team.  

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