Situation Quest – Gain Real World Experience

In Motivive system, we distinguish between social and professional challenges. Players can open and complete these in their profiles. One type of the challenges is situation quest. It provides the opportunity for players to practice the learning material they have acquired. In other words, they can solve real-world workplace situations and problems.  

Situation-based learning

Situational tasks in business environment are quite common at trainings. They usually have a brief script and some kind of narrative framework. Participants can practice a group of tasks or skills, individually or in teams. In Motivive system, situation quests serve situation-based learning. For this reason, we design business simulations for players. From daily routine tasks to unexpected and difficult-to-handle situations, the type of quests varies widely. It is also an excellent tool for testing the practical adaption of the academic learning material. In this way, we can reinforce the expected behavior of employees at work and work processes. They can also perform situations and scenarios that they don’t really have the chance for in real life.

Woman sitting on a laptop with a laptop in her hands, practicing situation challenges

Situation quests in Motivive system

Right after completing the challenges, players receive feedback from the system whether their answers were right or wrong. The different answer options are displayed in colors as an illustration. Wrong answers will appear in red, the correct ones in green and the ones to be developed in yellow. The latter usually leads to another decision point. Here players can once again try to find the best possible solution. They can also view their responses on their Motivive profile. First of all, the path they took to solve the situation. Second of all, the way they came to the final solution. Finally, they can check if there were any shorter paths they could have found.

Prerequisites and rewards

We link situation quests to each other. Consequently, they are prerequisites for each other. In other words, one will open if the previous one has already been solved. By completing the tasks, users can earn points. Then, we share these points with other users as well on a score board creating a little competition between players. This healthy competition motivates users to finish the challenges. Videos, questionnaires and multimedia elements can also be linked to situation quests, making them even more diverse and interesting.  

In brief, Motivive situation quests provide a great opportunity for users to practice everyday work situations and to reinforce good and expected behaviors and practices.  

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