User-Centered Design – A New Level of User Experience

The original purpose of business software applications is to help people execute business processes better. This fundamental concept drives software developers to meet this need and primarily focus on the functionalities of the solution. Consequently, they tend to subordinate user interface, usability and all the user experiences to these functions. The other fundamental requirement besides above is to provide an insight to operational performence by generating user reports. If someone misses the target, the software will locate it and a „warning from the manager” is likely to happen soon. Although these applications were successful, Motivive challenges the whole concept around it and raises the importance of user experience (user-centered design) and motivation to the level of business functionality.

Define-research-measure-adapt-design circle around the user

Motivive is not a corporate „stick”

The motivation and the “get things done” attitude roots inside people. This is what Motivive software addresses.

Recently, working is a task without purpose. This prevents companies from creating a motivating environment. Motivive sets short and long term goals for players and puts a storyline (narrative framework) around it. During the journey to the goal, players get rewards in several ways. These rewards create intrinsic motivation. The more reward they get, the more motivated they become. These type of rewards and intrinsic motivation do not cost anything. Compared to extrinsic motivation practices (such as money, bonuses or wellness weekends), they are not limited.

The goal is that the narrative and rewarding system provides purpose and meaning for everyday work.

Share your pain and it will be halved, share your pleasure and it will be doubled. Belonging to a community is a pleasure. Not only in general, but also because it gives the opportunity to share successes and failers, happyness and pain. During everyday work, you can share best practices, difficulties, questions and answers with no limitation by your location. Furthermore, communities are the units of collaboration or friendly competition. Depending on the business sitiuation, there is time for getting together and supporting each other, or benchmarking individual performance in the frame of friendly competition.

User-centered design for players’ persona

Narrative framework is an essential part of Motivive, as it provides – along with goals and rewards – the purpose. The better fit we gain between the narrative framework and players’ expectation, the higher its impact becomes. Motivive supports different player tiypes by diffenrent narrative frameworks, such as journey to Mars, Adventure Hero, City building etc. A well-deisgned narrative framework is not just a visual experience. The story and challenges grab players attention and support them to make the next actions.

Players join volunteerly

The system that supports motivation is not credible if we make it a MUST USE rather then CAN USE opportunity. Motivive provides a preliminary phase: the introduction of the goals and narrative framework happens simultaneously with the formation of expectations.

Although, offering the option for players to join is more difficult than making it mandatory, the effort results in higher player commitment.

The MUST USE option destroys the authority of players.

Game is anonymous

Personal opinion is a type of data that players want to control. The anonymous concept helps users to behave naturally and feel safe and comfortable. It prevents users from the negative feeling of surveillance.

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