Communication and Innovation – A Success Story of Motivive

Background – the raising need for change

In the below article we would like to describe a project that materialized between MAVIR ZRt. and Centaer Consulting. The project became increasinlgy successful and popular among MAVIR’s employees in 2019. MAVIR Ltd. is the Hungarian Transmission System Operator company. This organization sees through the electric power system and its operation. In other words, they control the system from production through transportation to consumption. Technicians are responsible for the continuous operation of the high-voltage power lines throughout the country. In many cases, the land with the high-voltage power lines is located in or near private property. Due to lack of information and misconceptions, communication difficulties can arise. Namely, between MAVIR’s professional technicians and landowners. In response to these difficulties, the improvement of certain competencies and behaviors became necessary. For instance, the extension of communicational and company knowledge. Motivive software offered a solution to these challenges.

setting the Goals

We started with a thorough pre-measurements and work at MAVIR. We found that the communication of safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible operation is outstandingly important. Mainly this is what ensures MAVIR’s social acceptance. Accordingly, the aim of Motivive program became:

  • The colleagues in the power line sector, should be more conscious about their communication. It also means sharing the values of MAVIR to the public.
  • MAVIR’s reputation and the customer satisfaction increase/do not decrease.
  • Internal and interregional relationships and cooperation improve at the company.
Process – the implementation and adaptation of the software

The introduction of the methodology started with settling the goals and getting to know the technicians. The designing and customizing process of the system followed. Motivive helps to achieve goals through a narrative framework. Consequently, the introduction involved the implementation of the storyline as well. While using Motivive, MAVIR’s colleagues lived their everyday lives in an online and personalized environment. After logging in, users step into a story. Then, they can shape this narrative framework through their activities in the application.

MAVIR’S technicians partly prepared themselves for real situations through situation quests. In return, they could collect positive feedback and rewards. Moreover, they had the chance to communicate with each other. They could also provide positive feedback and share their experiences. Various anonymous statistics were collected during the program as well.

The form of development that Motivive offers is much more effective than traditional methods. The praises, positive feedbacks and narrative framework make a program like this more welcomed. The ability that users can shape the narrative framework, gives them new purpose at work. It helps them through the developmental process, that otherwise could be very monotonous. A further value is that attitudes that are formed this way, promote voluntary practice and development.

Alternative way of communication: two men talking on can phones.



There were, of course, some users who were skeptical about the introduction of the new method. However, the doubts were quickly dispelled. The software showed and have shown many spectacular benefits during and since the program.

Business impact:

  • Conscious communication of technicians.
  • Successful communication of MAVIR values towards the employees working in the power line sector.

Social impact:

  • Directed informal communication.
  • Implantation of an immediate feedback culture.
  • More than 90% of voluntary participation.
  • On weekdays, users spent an average of 23 minutes using the software.
  • Users answered 5330 questions and completed 206 social challenges in the application.
  • At least once a week, users gave feedback and praises during the program.
  • At least 25% of technicians used the app outside of their working hours.

Motivive was available in a web-based environment and allowed employees to access it by using their tablets that they use at work anyway. It combined work and the experience of positive feedbacks at the same time and helped to use the devices regularly. In addition, because it was available beyond working days too, it favored the combination of work and leisure time.

on behalf of Innovation

One of the biggest problems that organizations are facing with today, is that work has become a task with no goals. This hampers the formation of a motivating environment that encourages engagement. All this results in decreasing productivity, which ideally enforces new solutions. Simulation, serious games, and gamification itself are gaining bigger and bigger ground among these innovative solutions. They are not just for fun, but for development as well, based on specific business needs. The software enhances user experience by guiding players through an inspiring story. It transforms workplaces into a motivating and productive environment. The solution is easily adaptable to other business and HR challenges as well. For instance, sales or internship programs. Motivive gives the goal and employees live the story.

If you’re interested in learning more about our product, Motivive, contact us here.

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