Gamification success again! Motivive 1st place!

We are delighted to announce that Motivive, the gamification engagement tool of Centaer Consulting, has won the 1st place at the Internet Hungary Conference. We competed at the event in the category of “Community Games” that require application development as well. In the tender we presented our project with the Waterworks of Budapest. During the program, Motivive was supporting a cultural change with the help of gamification.

Internet HungaryTimi and Tamás át Internet Hungary holding the award we received for our gamification based software


Motivive is a gamification-based software designed primarily to use in a business environment. The platform allows employees to live their everyday lives in a gamified environment, in a narrative framework. Thus, users not only fulfill the company’s expectations and follow organizational goalsbut also do it for themselves. Through its community-building and inspirational powerMotivive achieves company performance by increasing employee performance and engagement. In other words, the goal of the program was to spread practices that become a habit. Furthermore, we aimed to promote a fundamental norm of collaboration that supports the achievement of company goalsWe believe that practices that bring experienceinspiration, and development to our employees can work well in the long run. It is important to practise how to use communication channelswork as a team or give daily feedback.


The 3 pillars of the program


Implemented through the community channel and relating challenges. The most important element of the social channel was the news feed. Here, users could share their experiences and successes. Moreover, there were two types of challengescommunity and professional challenges. For accomplishing these, we rewarded players with points, badges and collectibles related to the narrative (such as water towerfountainspawooded riverbanketc). For instance, there were feedback challenges that allowed employees to reconsider their own personality traits that are relevant to workplace tasksWhat is morethe community experience materialised by group challenges. Thus, players had to work together as a team, encouraging each other to get better and better.

Corporate Tradition:

Embodied by quizzes and questionnaires. These allowed players to learn about the history of the organizationIn the first place, when starting the project, we prepared the thematics of the game for 10 months. In particular, we planned a new topic for every month, and organized each around the theme of water. 


We encouraged creativity and resourcefulness primarily through skill tasks that took place in the context of offline events.  For examplewhen participating in a charity craft fair, everyone had to make items that they sold and then gave the income for charityAnother occasion was a sport day where employees participated in team competitions.

At the Internet Hungary conference, Centaer was represented by Tímea Szabó and Tamás Gáll, who participated many interesting presentations at the event. The motto for this year’s conference was: “All roads lead to consumption”.

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