[:en]Az Ozone TV által készített rólunk szóló riportot láthattok! A téma a játékosítás. Egészen pontosan a Covid-19 járvány során a
[:en] Hogy fér össze a játék és a hatékonyság a vállalatoknál? Hát, nagyon is!  A Tesk csoport vezetője, Tokár Péter készített
[:en]Working from home always involves some extra challenges compared to the office. Especially if you work in your house, with
[:en]Yesterday we attended the Innovation Challenge at Defence Innovation Day organised by NATO. It was a great honour and experience
[:en]We are delighted to announce that Motivive, the gamification engagement tool of Centaer Consulting, has won the 1st place at
[:en]In this article, we would like to talk about our success project between Waterworks of Budapest and Centaer Consulting, that ran from March to December 2018. Background of the project In this article, we would like to talk about our success project between Waterworks of Budapest and Centaer Consulting, that ran from March to December 2018. Waterworks of Budapest is one of the leading water utility companies in Central and Eastern Europe. In recent years, the value-generating activities of tens of thousands of employees have contributed to their success. The 150th birthday of the utility company, that occured in 2018, served as an opportunity for our cooperation. On this occasion, the goal was to make every day a celebration for employees. We implemented it through our software application, called Motivive, and placed it in a narrative framework that allowed users to build an environmentally friendly online water city. In addition, the program focused on developing corporate culture and strengthening organizational values. The program was built on three pillars: Corporate Tradition, Innovation and Collaboration. Objectives - change of organizational culture Motivive is a gamification-based software designed primarily to use in
[:en]Background – the raising need for change In the below article we would like to describe a project that materialized
[:en]The original purpose of business software applications is to help people execute business processes better. This fundamental concept drives software
[:en]In Motivive system, we distinguish between social and professional challenges. Players can open and complete these in their profiles. One
[:en]Players in Motivive system can share their experience on the newsfeed. By this, they create a cheerful atmosphere and good community
[:en]The most interesting education systems and games are embedded in some kind of narrative framework. This way they give players the opportunity
[:en]One of the recognizances of Motivive system is that it never offers exactly the same gamified interface to its customers.
[:en]Logging in to Motivive’s gamified system, the first page players will meet is the dashboard. On this platform they will find the newsfeed,
[:en]When designing Motivive system, we always keep in mind our clients’ goals and needs, so challenges are very diverse and personalized.
[:en]„Knowledge is power.” There is no doubt that every organization has to care about the knowledge they own in their company.  In addition, companies
[:en]We spend most of our lives working. If we enjoy every minute of doing a task, then the other necessary
[:en]Zoltán Császár -, whom we were pleased to ask for an interview - was our mentor in Design Terminal. After
[:en]Giving feedback to someone from another culture, position or generation can be tough. At the same time, this process is