Business success starts with happy employees.

Engaged employees can drive significant value for your company. The key question is how to inspire and empower your workforce, encouraging them to go above and beyond.

Motivive offers a web-based employee engagement tool that helps business leaders to assess employee motivation, to boost collaboration, and to cultivate a culture of recognition & reward based on performance.

Take the first step toward transformative change today by prioritizing your most valuable asset: your employees.

Our mission

Motivive' mission is to transform workplaces into supportive and productive working environments.

We believe that leaders can best navigate the complex challenges they face only if their workforce is fully behind them.
Employees are the heart of every organization. Engaged, inspired and appreciated employees can do a lot to achieve and sustain business success. We share the idea of “when crisis strikes, the best way to lead is with humanity”. By connecting these elements, employees are more likely to be happier about their work, while leaders can be more confident about reaching company targets.

Our solutions

Motivive provides an Employee Engagement Platform. We help leaders to engage and retain their workforce. Why is this important? We believe that performane is strongly related to emplyoee engagement and motivation. We support leaders to manage change by enhancing employee dedication, collaboration, and ultimately performance. See the areas where we can help.

Fast Recruitment

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of applicants quicker. Reduce risk by getting fact-based insights about hard skills, soft skills, and team roles. We make the recruitment data-driven and in friction of time.

Accelerated Onboarding

Onboarding requires lots of resources. We can guarantee leaders that knowledge transfer will be fast and lasting with Motivive. Our special micro-learning methods combined with gamification elements take knowledge retention to the next level.

Build Digital Awareness

Digitalization is at our doorstep. Is your company ready for this transition? We see that employees are either reluctant to change or lacking competencies. We build digital literacy of your workforce to be able to adapt more easily.

Understand Employee Motivations

You can’t buy engagement – says a recent study from Harvard Business Review. The real game-changer is to understand the intrinsic motivators of your employees. By this new approach, leaders can take employee engagement to the next level, that will directly translate into performance growth and tangible business results.

Recognize and Reward

Everyone needs appreciation. Introduce recognition and rewarding practices to your organization as part of the culture and everyday practices. Motivive offers a framework, where you can reward tasks with virtual “coins” and those coins can be redeemed into individually tailored incentives.

Manage Growth and Change

Organizations can grow without the systems, resources, and processes would follow. Manage chaos effectively by measuring competencies. Rethink processes and tasks so that employees would hold a position fitting to their skills and motivators. Make an impact. Lead the change.

Focus on Your Employees

Make Employee Experience matter by creating a culture that is supportive and inspiring. Improve cooperation and communication between departments. Employee Experience is directly correlating to Customer Experience and business success. The focus is people. Motivive offers you the solution to make it happen.

Train and Educate Effectively

Training is a common practice. But is it effective in long-term knowledge integration? Motivive combines micro-learning with gamification and tailored rewards. Employees learn quickly and easily while having fun at the same time. Train your colleagues with innovative methods. Start using Motivive.

Be a Human-Centric Leader

According to Gartner, leaders need a new approach. Human-centric leadership is on the rise: focusing on competencies, collaboration, recognition, and rewards. Motivive enables leaders to establish a supportive and inspirational working environment and build a DE&I-based culture.

Who is it for?

Motivive helps business leaders achieve business goals. Our platform can be used effectively in any functional area
where motivation, cooperation, and people development plays a key role. 

Discover how Motivive can create value for your company!

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How it works

Motivive builds engagement for your workforce.
It is a web-based application that is easily accessible from any device. Once logging in, users see their assigments, achievements and a chatroom where team members can endorse, inspire and support each other.
Motivive’s gamification approach turns tasks and projects turn into “game-like” missions and challenges that engage employees and drive collaboration.
Rewards tailored to the individual’s needs keep involvement high. Special missions build connections among team members. Motivive helps build a culture of belonging.

Motivive enables leaders to...


Assess skills and competences of their workforce

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Understand the intrinsic motivators of employees

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Assign tasks based on skills, drivers and goals

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Develop employees through creative challenges


Offer tailored incentives that create engagement


Transfer knowledge with good retention

Build better teams


Improve overall employee performance

Why Motivive?

Our platform has been tested and proven to create value for our customers.
We believe that it is one of a kind.

Motivive is an Employee Engagement Platform that combines the disciplines of Psychology and Management, complemented by gamification to motivate and engage employees more effectively. Using our platform ignites the spark, boosts self-esteem, encourages collaboration, and creates a generally nice, involving atmosphere at work. Motivive is a SaaS platform that is reliable and scalable to your business needs.

Leaders and managers appreciate its ease of use and the ability to integrate with existing systems. Growth is driven and defined by the people. Pay attention to them.

Motivive helps leaders and businesses to


Implement faster and more effective recruitment processes


Make their workforce more engaged


Transfer knowledge that integrates well


Offer a unique rewarding system that can be 100% tailored to employee wishes/needs/interests

Motivive saves money

Replacing a colleague is an extremely time-consuming and costly process. Are you aware of the total costs of hiring and training new employees? Motivive solutions can help you significantly reduce recruitment and onboarding costs. Make the onboarding process a cost-effective and smooth experience for all participants.

See how much the Onboarding costs you!

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