Start with your employees. Success will follow.

The key to any successful company is an engaged workforce. Motivive Employee Engagement helps leaders to achieve this.

Let your workforce be at their best

Employees need attention, recognition, and connection to the company, so they would feel engaged and go above and beyond. Connecting employees mentally, and emotionally to all depth and width to the company is the additional value that builds resilience, endurance, and the power to excel.

Empowered by AI. Build on Gamification.

Would you like to see your workers as engaged as your kid with their games? See how the Motivive Employee Engagement Platform makes it happen.

Employee focus will lead to tangible business results.

Create an engaging working environment, where employees can expand their creativity and be your supportive partners in meeting growth targets and challenges. Employee focus helps leaders build strong employer brands and crisis-proof organizations.

Difficult times call for human-centric leaders

The Motivive Platform supports the entire Employee Journey

Gamified Education.

Make Onboarding and your L&D Programs fun and effective.

A combination of micro-learning and gamified approaches built in the Motivive platform, empowered by AI guarantees an effective knowledge transfer and strong knowledge integration. Gamification turns the learning process from a mandate to a fun activity. Motivive micro-learning has already proved effective in the case of pre-boarding, on-boarding processes, and talent programs.

Promote collaboration.

Make recognition a habit.

Build good teams with Motivive. Not occasionally, but every single day. Our collaboration feature enables employees to work together effectively even in the case of hybrid and remote working models. Through our newsfeed employees can inspire and motivate each other. Motivive builds a culture of recognition and endorsements by celebrating achievements. Colleagues will get used to praising each other for a good professional act or personal help. Engagement and motivation flourish when employees feel valued.

Performance Management.

Align employee motivations with company goals.

Empower your workforce with clear and achievable targets, either related to performance or social interactions like being a supportive colleague or a good mentor. Our platform provides a structured framework for sharing feedback, fostering a sense of purpose and direction.

Track progress.

Highlight achievements.

Motivive supports leaders to track individual and team performance with easily customizable dashboards and reports. As the system supports collaboration and social interactions, leaders can get insights into their employees’ soft skillsets, moods, and levels of engagement.

Keep motivation high.

Use our special rewarding system.

Motivive offers a unique rewarding system that is based on the concept of motivating employees with meaningful, relevant, and personalized incentives. Employees receive digital rewards “MotiCoins” after reaching their targets. MotiCoins can be redeemed for literally any product & service that is available on the market and fits into the approved budget of the company.

What’s your main business issue?

We offer specific in-app solutions to drive your business.