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Motivive offers digital solutions for human and business challenges of companies. Motivating, developing, integrating, and retaining employees is done through experiences, while companies can achieve significant savings.

Digitalization is the framework. People first is the approach.

Who is Motivive for?

Motivive is well applicable in every functional area where people’s motivation, willingness to collaborate, and development play a crucial role in corporate performance.

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How does Motivive work?

Motivive is a digital platform with a people first approach.
It is a web application that is easily accessible from any device. The reward-based methodology allows companies to achieve their business and human resource goals by engaging employees through enjoyable experiences.
Employees are presented with clearly defined goals through a unique narrative.
Individual rewards based on performance serve to enhance employee commitment and motivation.

Human-centeredness and business development hand in hand.


Provides continuous feedback on employee performance,

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Shows a real picture of employee competencies

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Develops employees through creative and enojyable challenges

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Enables performance-based individual rewards


Improves digital literacy within the organization


Dissolves generational differences

Strengthens employee satisfaction and loyalty


Improves the workplace environment

Why choose Motivive?

It adds value

It has 20 years of professional experience behind it. It is an effective and proven solution.

The labor market is undergoing significant transformation, and previously unseen situations present new challenges for corporate leadership. Agility, quick, smart, and appropriate responses are essential. The human factor is always involved in these processes. Selecting, integrating, and retaining the right employees is strategically important for maintaining and enhancing the competitiveness of a company. The key and driving force to growth is, the individual, the person. Motivive trains, engages and supports them. These come together and results are immediately measurable.

Motivive helps to provide answers to changes and challenges in the labor market.


Provides effective recruitment and selection processes


Strengthens retention


Provides skill and competence development


Unique rewards system based on personal interests.

What is the effective solution?

… all through a digital, engagement platform.

Savings with Motivive

Onboarding is an extremely time-consuming and costly process for any company. Are you aware of the current cost of recruiting and onboarding new staff? With Motivive’s solution, this cost can be significantly reduced! Moreover, the onboarding process can be made comfortable and pleasant for all participants.

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Our mission

Focus on the People

Our goal is to accelerate digital transformation and achieve a social impact that allows for effective increase in user and organizational performance.
We believe that companies who prioritize their focus on people have a future. Supported employees are more committed and add more value. Motivated employees who collaborate and communicate well both with colleagues and clients represent a huge opportunity for the company. Improved business performance is guaranteed.

What is the effective solution?

… all through a digital, engagement platform.