Motivive is a wide-spectrum Employee Engagement Platform for leaders who want to drive performance.

Our secret? We use gamification.


People. Progress. Community.

At Motivive, we go beyond traditional HR tools. We empower organizations to navigate change and build resilience by engaging and motivating their people. Our platform focuses on creating a supportive workplace culture, where your employees are happy to work and ready to face upcoming challenges.

We believe people thrive when they feel connected, developed, and purposeful. Employees want meaningful relationships, growth opportunities, and to understand their role and impact within the organization. Motivive equips leaders with a platform and in-app solutions to motivate their most valuable asset: their people

Focus on your employees and reap the rewards

Make work an adventure!

With Motivive’s special narratives, you can assign tasks as ‘missions and quests’ and turn work into fun.

The Motivive Platform – igniting passion at work

Forget mandated performance. Motivive sparks inspiration with its AI-powered gamification platform.
With Motivive, learning is adventure, collaboration means community, and performance roots in dedication. Fun quests and challenges engage the minds and the hearts of employees.
Motivive infuses creativity into the workday. It connects employees and teams through motivation and shared purpose. Peer recognition, tailored rewards and micro-learning create an environment where people thrive. And then, the entire organization succeeds.
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We use innovative UI

for great User Experience.

Core Packages


Increase retention and application of training materials

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Drive community and knowledge sharing

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Bundle education, collaboration, and performance management

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Reliable, scalable and GDPR compliant

Motivive is a cloud-based SaaS platform: reliable, scalable and GDPR compliant. Our web-based application has been built on a multi-tenant IT architecture, offering secure operations. Leaders and managers appreciate its ease of use and the ability to integrate with existing systems.

In-App Solutions

Enhance Your Package with our In-App Solutions tailored to your needs.
Available à la carte, within the Motivive app.

Digital Awareness Training

Sales Skills Training

Assertive Communication Training

Customer Service Training

Call Center Training

ESG – How to Go Green


Competence Assessments

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