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Save time and effort with the Motivive in-App Solutions

Motivive in-app solutions utilize gamification for more effective employee onboarding, learning and development throughout the employee life- cycle.

Education with Gamification

Would you like to enhance your workforce with educational materials in a fun and effective way?
The Motivive in-app solutions are all based on gamification and can be purchased from the Motivive marketplace.
This is the process.

Select a challenge from the Motivive Marketplace.

Start your quest. Complete your challenges.

Check your progress. Do you need more points?

Collected a lot of points? Redeem them.

Congratulations! Enjoy your reward

Select a challenge
Start your quest
Check your progress
Redeem your points
Enjoy your reward

How Gamification supports learning

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The impact

More effective knowledge transfer and integration

Stronger employee engagement

Higher overall learning efficiency

Take L&D to a new level with gamification.
Explore our In-App Solutions.

Competence Test

Evaluate your employees’ skills, motivations, and group roles to optimize task assignment, improve performance, and evolve team workflows. The Motivive Competence Test speeds up the recruitment process and supports leaders in their re-organizational projects.

Digital Awareness Training

Equip your employees with the skills to embrace new technologies and prepare for digital transformation. Our training builds digital fluency through gamified microlearning that makes adopting new tools easy and intrinsically motivating.

Sales Skill Training

Elevate your team’s sales abilities. Employees will master consultative selling, negotiation, objection handling, and closing techniques through engaging, reward-driven microlearning.

Assertive Communication Training

Develop confident communicators. Employees learn to express themselves clearly, listen actively, and navigate tough conversations while maintaining mutual understanding and respect.

Customer Service Training

Deliver exceptional customer experiences. Equip service team members with the knowledge and skills to handle challenges smoothly, recover quickly, and create satisfied loyal customers.

Call Center Training

Enhance call center interactions through improved soft skills. With our gamified microlearning, agents master stress management, empathy, active listening, and efficiency.

How to Go Green

Cultivate an eco-conscious culture company-wide. Our ESG training engages employees in sustainability best practices to reduce environmental impact and realize cost savings. Gamified challenges and rewards drive the adoption of greener processes and choices that shrink your carbon footprint and lower expenses.

Employee Wellbeing

Inspire healthy habits with our Motivive Sports Challenge. Friendly team competitions encourage activity, enhance social connections, and boost overall employee wellbeing.

Why choose the

Motivive In-App Solutions?

20+ years of experience in consulting, digital transformation, training, sales, and client service

A mature startup with wisdom and innovative solutions already proven effective

Relevant experience across diverse industries

Reliable delivery of solutions that drive real results

Experience the power of an engaged workforce

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